Do it yourself bath soak recipes, DIY, also available PURELY premade formulas with Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

DIY Recipes: Bath Salt Soaks

When talking bath soaks, our first suggestion is to check out the amazing options we already offer with high quality Dead Sea Salt crystals and relieving essential oil formulas. But we understand, maybe you want to try a different combination of essential oils (EO), or maybe you just like making your own small batch for that…


PURELY Natural Charcoal Deodorants, made with PURELY essential oils

Aluminum Deodorants and Breast Cancer

An email chain and lots of rumors around the internet have created a link that deodorants containing aluminum cause breast cancer. But is it true? The consensus from the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society is that there is no consensus. Conflicting results, tenuous links, and unanswered questions mean more research is needed to investigate…


Grapefruits sliced in half, citrus paradisi, Grapefruit essential oil

PURELY Presents: Grapefruit

When it comes to lifting spirits and cleaning the house, citrus oils are the leaders. It’s amazing the amount of choice and variety that exist in just this one genus of Citrus plants. One such species is Citrus paradisi – the Grapefruit.



PURELY Presents: Jovial™

‘Tis the season to be jolly! To help you create that warm, inviting atmosphere of holiday cheer and excitement in your home, our seasonal blend of Jovial™ is back and ready for purchase. This blend has limited availability during the holiday season so now is your chance to stock up early.


Lets Get It! Sensual Blend, essential oils for sexual health, stimulate passion and romance

PURELY Presents: Let’s Get It!™

Let’s talk about sex. For some it’s an uncomfortable topic, others might treat it a little too cavalier. Either way, it’s important to recognize sexual health as one part of the body and mind’s overall well-being. Every person is unique and has to discover what positive sexual health means to them. And just like other parts of our body,…