Autumn Diffuser Recipes

Today is September 22nd, 2016 and that makes it the first day of autumn this year. Happy Fall Y’all! Now the leaves might not be changing around you, but maybe your starting to feel something in the air. Bring autumn inside and enjoy the smells of the season by diffusing essential oils. It’s super easy with these 3-2-1 diffuser recipes that give you the perfect blend of aromas. We even have a popular blend already available if you want to skip the mixing and get straight to enjoying the therapeutic benefits of these natural compounds.

Autumn Aromatherapy Diffuser Recipes, Wild Orange, Cinammon Bark, Clove essential oils

Citrus Spice

Autumn is a bright season with the reds, yellows, and oranges of falling leaves. Match that colorfulness with this recipe of a bright, citrus top note balanced by warm, spicy undertones. It’s easy to imagine the hot cup of cider in your hands and a warm fireplace nearby with this blend in the air.

  • 3 parts Wild Orange
  • 2 parts Cinnamon Bark
  • 1 part Clove

Walk in the Woods

Get lost among the trees with the earthy, evergreen notes of this recipe. Feel your stress melt away as your indoor air is refreshed and the relaxing, meditative qualities of these essential oils calm your mind and body.

  • 3 parts Balsam Fir
  • 2 parts Juniper Berry
  • 1 part Myrrh

Harvest Gathering

Bring in the bounty with this diffuser recipe that uses existing PURELY™ blends to mix fourteen aromas into a cornucopia of refreshment. High, low, and middle notes will ebb and flow in this relaxing fusion of essential oils.

  • 3 parts Relaxation™ Anti-Stress Blend
  • 2 parts Peel™ Citrus Blend
  • 1 part Cypress


Shield™ is our year-round protective blend for boosting your immune system. Its warm, rich aroma is also perfect for autumn. Diffusing it into the air helps sanitize and refresh a space while also setting the mood for the season.

You can also make a safe, natural disinfectant for cleaning mold, bacteria, and other harmful germs hiding on hard surfaces around the house. Mix 15 – 20 drops of Shield™ with 16 oz. of water in a spray bottle, then spritz on and wipe off to combat environmental threats.

Shield™ is a PURELY™ exclusive formula. It contains Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Frankincense. Combined in the correct amounts, these essential oils are ready to help protect you from whatever autumn – or any season – might try to throw at you!

Autumn Aromatherapy Diffuser Recipes, evergreen essential oils, balsam fir, juniper berry, myrrh, Shield Protective Blend, refresh indoor air

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