Woman stressing over Christmas gifts, holiday stress, secrets and tips for handling stress

Six Steps to Survive Holiday Stress

Extra long to-do lists. Multiple calendars and commitments. So. Many. People. To. Consider. The holidays can be hectic, but they don’t have to be overwhelming. Use the six tips below to avoid some common pitfalls and lower the bar from stressful to manageable this season.

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Group of women at a PURELY home party, party plan, essential oils, natural products, live purely

Party Plan and Network Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Since party plan and network marketing are both types of direct selling, it’s easy to get them confused and think the words are talking about the same thing. There are a few differences to the two business models though that are quite important, so let’s clear things up with a quick comparison. (Full disclosure up front, PURELY™ is a party plan company so we’re a little bias to all the fun and friendships you can have by getting people together!)

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Shea butter, Butyrospermum parkii, natural seed oil, moisturizing, healthy skin

Ingredient Insights: Shea Butter

Native to West Africa, the shea tree produces a nutritious fruit that hides a large, oil-rich seed inside. Previously classified as Butyrospermum parkii, it has since been given its own genus and species in botanical naming – Vitellaria paradoxa. Regardless of what you call it scientifically, the shea butter produced from this seed is the perfect ingredient for making PURELY™ beauty products the best possible experience for your skin.

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Six Back-to-School Essentials

As summer winds down and school bells start to ring, make sure you’re prepared for a healthy year of learning with the PURELY™ favorites below. With these helpful items on your back-to-school shopping list, you’ll be ready for the first day and all those big test days with natural, pure solutions.

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Jojoba seeds and flowers, Jojoba seed oil, natural moisturizer, natural ingredients

Ingredient Insights: Jojoba Seed Oil

In a family all by itself, Simmondsia chinensis is a unique plant that produces the amazing Jojoba nut. The oil contained in this seed has numerous benefits that can help skin look and feel its best. In today’s post, discover why Jojoba Oil is a premium ingredient included in PURELY™ health products.

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