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New Oral Care Line

We are so excited at every chance we get to offer new ways to live pure. By refusing to use harmful toxic ingredients, we can provide natural solutions that help others live a more healthy life. The latest addition to our mission is a complete line of oral care products to help keep your mouth clean and fresh.

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Bloc+ Pain Relief Rub by PURELY, muscle pain and joint ache balm, essential oil relief, natural product

PURELY Presents: Bloc+ Pain Relief Rub

One of our most talked about blends just got better! We’ve taken our Bloc™ Pain Relief Blend and turned it into an easy, ready-to-use balm rub. Keep reading to learn how Bloc+ is ready to help you find relief and live pure.

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Scare Away Creepy Crawlies

Halloween is a time for spooks and scares, bugs and bumps in the night. As the weather gets cooler, spiders and other insects emerge and want to get inside your house. It’s not just the change of weather, but this time of the year is also mating season and they’re looking for a warm place to lay their eggs. Gross! Fortunately, PURELY™ has the natural answer to help you scare away the creepy crawlies.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Have A PURELY Diffuser In Your Home


Natural living is all about using natural methods to boost good health and essential oils make some of the best natural products you can choose to improve health, sleep better and increase energy levels. A PURELY essential oil diffuser makes one of the best additions to your home because it ensures that you keep enjoying the health benefits of the oil that you choose to diffuse around your home. Aromatherapy is quite beneficial and below are some reasons why you should consider having a PURELY diffuser for your home.

  1. You will manage to relax and sleep better
    This is one of the great benefits of essential oils. They are soothing and you will love getting into your home after a long, busy day to the relaxing aromas. You can place the diffuser on your bedside table to enjoy better sleep or even at the office to help you work in a relaxed state. The best oils for this are lavender, sage, clary and chamomile.
  2. Enjoy mood elevation
    The feelings of sadness and depression can be overwhelming, but when you know the secret powerful oils that can help you de-stress, then you can work your way over mood swings. A diffuser loaded with oils such as sandalwood, jasmine, sweet orange, rose, vanilla and even scotch pine can work amazingly in lifting your moods and setting a positive atmosphere even in social gatherings or business meetings. You can also use the same to create the perfect romantic atmosphere or to kick start a slow morning.
  3. Fight infections
    Most essential oils tend to have anti-microbial properties and when they are released into the air, they get into contact with airborne pathogens before they invade your body. They are also good immune booster with the best oils to ward off infections being grapefruit, thyme, lemon, rosemary, tea tree and sage. Some of the diffusers act as humidifiers thus ensuring that your airways remain healthy and moist thus you become less susceptible to microbes that find their way into the body. You can place the diffuser at home to keep flus and colds and other infections at bay.
  4. Cognitive function improvement
    When you have an essential oil diffuser at home, you will manage to charge brain cells effectively and fast. The essential oils of lemon, peppermint, pine and eucalyptus will soothe you when you are stressed and elevate your energy levels on sluggish lazy days. When your moods are high, then you will manage to remain focused throughout the day. With the regular diffusion, you will also manage to keep hormones in balance. Generally, issues that hamper the cognitive function will be healed by the oils.
  5. You will keep insects off your home
    The best oils for this include cedarwood, lemongrass, clove and rosemary and they will keep houseflies, moths, mosquitoes and fruit flies off your home. A diffuser makes a good deterrent because you do not have to keep spraying on constantly every time you have an insect invasion.

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There are so many ways to benefit from essential oils and a PURELY diffuser can help you maintain that enjoyable healthy atmosphere around your home or even office.  Check it out on our shopping cart.


10 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean, Safe And Comfortable

Essential oils are derived from extracting and distilling different parts of plants including bark, flowers, peels, resin, roots and leaves. These oils have been in use for ages, but they are now getting very popular and common not just because of their medicinal benefits but because they also make natural remedies for beauty and make amazing cleaning products around the home.


You can use the different essential oils for different purposes around your home to maintain a safe, clean and comfortable space.

  1. To make an all-purpose cleaner to disinfect your counter tops, tea tree and lemon essential oils can be added to warm water. This combination will not only get rid of all germs but will also leave your kitchen smelling fresh.
  2. Eucalyptus, lemongrass and citronella oils make very good mosquito repellents so you can enjoy peaceful nights at home. A drop of each should be combined with a teaspoon of coconut oil to create the natural bug spray. PURELY’s Deflect blend is an excellent choice if you’re searching for a premade oil blend.
  3. If you want to kill germs on sports gear, use lemon and tea tree essential oils in warm water and add baking soda before washing the sports jerseys, cleats and other gear. You will have fresh smelling sports gear with every wash. You can also use your favorite scent with every load in your washing machine for fresh-smelling clothes.
  4. Keep the air around your home clean and comfortable using cinnamon essential oil that has anti-microbial properties. You can use a diffuser to get consistent, clean air around your desired home areas.
  5. Shower curtains are prone to accumulating scum. Make a spray solution using tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil in warm water and then spray this on to the curtains to start mold killing action naturally.
  6. Are you expecting guests and looking for a wonderful smelling home? How about diffusing wild orange, rosemary and clove essential oils? They are some of the best oils to keep the air smelling nice and keeping your visitors relaxed and comfortable.
  7. If you have burned pans that you find tedious to clean, try lemon essential oil in boiling water and you will have an easy time getting rid of the sticky burned food from your pans and pots in the kitchen.
  8. For your trash can, you should consider placing a cotton ball dipped in a mix of tea tree and lemon oils. The oils are great in detoxifying and reducing the odors common with trash cans. Two drops of each will work well on a cotton ball.
  9. Having a hard time keeping the bathtub and sink sparkling clean? Try using a mix of baking soda, vinegar and drops of lime essential oil or bergamot essential oil. The solution should then be used to scrub on a regular basis.
  10. To purify your refrigerator when cleaning, add grapefruit oil, lime or bergamot oil to your cleaning water.

Cleaning issues around your home can be taken care of using the best essential oils. You just need to stock your home up with the most beneficial oils to reap the benefits every time.

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Not all essential oils are appropriate at all times. Be sure to reference our guidelines below:

Essential Oils Safety Guidelines by Age

Purely Oils & Blends to Avoid while Pregnant and Nursing

Essential Oil Dilution Chart

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