Claire™ Skin Cleansing in Three Steps

Our Claire™ Skin Cleansing Line is the natural alternative to facial cleansing your skin needs to feel and function its best. In three simple steps you can realize clearer skin, reduce signs of aging and take care of daily maintenance. Discover how your natural beauty can shine through with the combined power of this charcoal facial bar, charcoal masque, and pH balancing toner!

Claire Skin Cleansing Line, the natural alternative to facial cleansing, charcoal soap, charcoal masque, white willow bark toner


A little suds and a scrub with the Charcoal Facial Bar will draw out the oils and grime so they can be washed away. Specially formulated with olive oil, shea butter, and organic coconut oil, this bar is gentle enough for daily use on your entire body in addition to being part of your facial routine.

Simply lather up the soap with warm water, then gently massage the lather into the features of your face. Give it a few seconds to break up the dirt and oils then rinse your face with warm water to wash away the nasties! Now you’re ready for step two.


It’s time for the serious work! Our Charcoal Facial Masque renews your skin with activated charcoal, aloe leaf juice, and hyaluronic acid to give your face a luxurious, spa treatment at home. It detoxifies, soothes, and diminishes the signs of aging on your skin all in one step to leave you feeling refreshed, radiant, and healthy.

Apply a thin, even layer of the Charcoal Facial Masque using circular motions to ensure complete coverage. Make sure you avoid sensitive areas such as your eyes and lips while applying. Once covered, leave the mask on for 10 to 20 minutes so it can go to work! *tick* *tock* Time’s up, rinse your face with warm water to remove the mask and carry away the impurities.

Claire Skin Cleansing Line, product line up, charcoal facial bar, charcoal facial masque, pH balancing toner


After the hard work of removing dirt and impurities, your skin needs some tender care. Aloe leaf juice, white willow bark, and white tea in our pH Balancing Toner gently soothe your skin while returning it to a healthy, balanced environment. It also helps minimize pores and tighten wrinkles to leave your skin soft and smooth.

Before applying toner, make sure to shake the bottle to evenly mix ingredients. Use the handy spray top to spritz a moderate amount of toner to a cotton pad then gently apply all over your face in upward motions. Allow your skin to dry and follow up with a moisturizer. PURELY™ offers several options with various benefits including our most popular choice: Immerse.

Packaged together in one easy system, the natural ingredients of the Claire™ Skin Cleansing Line will deliver the bright, healthy complexion your skin deserves in just three easy steps. Order your kit today and discover the natural alternative to facial cleansing.

Claire Skin Cleansing Line, complete kit of 3-step system to cleaner, clearer, healthier skin