DIY Recipes: Body Powder

Baby powder isn’t just for babies! Add this grown-up variety to your beauty routine and experience sensational skin with one of these recipes for making your own essential oil infused body powder.

Sealable glass jar with arrowroot powder, essential oil infused body powder, smooth skin

Gentle on the skin, body powder helps absorb moisture so skin feels dry, fresh, and smooth. With the addition of essential oils, you get the extra benefits of aromatherapy and smelling great. Often applied after drying off from a bath, this powder is safe for lots of other uses too. Sprinkle some on the sheets before going to bed to enjoy restful sleep; dust a bit inside musty shoes to knockout odors.

Unlike baby powder, these recipes may not be suitable for young children and people with sensitivities because of the addition of essential oils. Always seek the advice of your doctor or primary health professional before incorporating essential oils into your life. Always test a small area of skin first for sensitivity before applying or using essential oils on the entire body.

Directions for making your own body powder are simple enough. Just add 24 drops of essential oil to one cup of pure arrowroot powder.

You can find a few recipe suggestions below, but with a mix this simple – experimenting is part of the fun. Try your own combination of favorite EOs and create your own unique aroma to wear.

Three Tips

  • Store body powder in an airtight glass container to prevent absorption and evaporation.
  • The longer a mixture is sealed, the stronger its fragrance will become.
  • Corn starch can be an okay substitute in a pinch. Just make sure it is as organic and pure as possible. (No talc or other fragrance additives.)

PURELY essential oil bottles, lineup of single and blended oils used in DIY body powder recipes


Before Bed

Doze off with this simple mix sprinkled on the sheets. Cool and relaxing, Lavender essential oil will help calm your senses while promoting the skin’s natural healing processes. *zzz*

  • 24 drops Lavender

Rise and Shine

Wake up and get fired up with this warm combination of ten essential oils that will energize your senses. Perfect after a hot shower, you will be in the right frame of mind to make things happen and tackle your day!

  • 12 drops Ignite™ Energy Blend
  • 12 drops Steadfast™ Nerve Calming Blend


Stink doesn’t come from sweat but from bacteria feeding on your skin. Gross! Clean your skin and keep it naturally healthy with this duo of skin nourishing essential oils. This is also a great recipe for shoes, gym bags, and other stinky spots.

  • 12 drops Shield™ Protective Blend
  • 12 drops Tea Tree

Pixie Dust

Bright, energetic, and fun is the best way to describe this recipe of citrus oils. The fresh, fruity aroma helps restore energy, uplift mood, and increase mental clarity so you are clean and thinking clearly.

  • 8 drops Grapefruit
  • 8 drops Walk the Lime™
  • 8 drops Wild Orange

Wood Dust

Blend up a batch for the guys with the earthy, outdoorsy notes of this body powder recipe. Juniper Berry and Sandalwood are great for the skin while Eucalyptus helps sanitize and cleanse.

  • 10 drops Juniper Berry
  • 10 drops Sandalwood Sustainable World Blend
  • 4 drops Eucalyptus


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