Essential Oil Safety Guidelines by Age

Essential oils are potent, powerful, and highly concentrated plant extracts. While naturally safe when used as directed, they can potentially be harmful if used improperly. One of the biggest questions about essential oils is whether they are safe for children. While each person is unique and can respond differently, the following guide is helpful for making decisions about when a child should be introduced to essential oils.

Note: This information is not meant as medical advice and does not replace a discussion with your doctor, pediatrician, or other primary health professional. Please follow all instructions and precautions on PURELY™ packaging and in PURELY™ literature to have the most enjoyable and beneficial experiences possible.

Child's hands holding a bar of PURELY Purple Dreams soap, goat milk bath bar, lavender essential oil


Children under three months old should not be exposed to essential oils. Their body is not mature enough yet and is therefore more permeable and sensitive to essential oils. All forms of exposure – from topical applications to the skin or inhalation from oils diffused in the air – should be avoided. Personal use of essential oils should also be carefully monitored when around newborn children to avoid accidental transfers and exposures.

After three months old, a limited amount of essential oils may be applied topically or diffused around children. The list of essential oils expands as children reach milestones – three years, six years, and twelve years – before being complete in adulthood. Proper dilution is also extremely important before exposing children to essential oils. Children between three months and six years old should receive solutions that are diluted to 0.25% essential oil. Essential oils should always be diluted before being applied topically.

THE FOLLOWING CHART provides guidelines for essential oils that are appropriate to introduce at various ages

PURELY Essential Oil Safety Guidelines by Age, when to introduce essential oils to children, oils safe for kids

Download a printable copy of PURELY™ Essential Oil Safety Guidelines by Age for offline use.


Wait… Peppermint and Eucalyptus?

Yes, these two popular essential oils should not be used until children reach ages six and twelve, respectively. The powerful chemical components of these oils – menthol and eucalyptol – can be overwhelming to the still-developing respiratory system of children. Even properly diluted at these ages, these oils should not be applied near the nasal passage or on the chest so as to avoid possible overstimulation of the muscles and membranes that control breathing.

A fun, safe way to enjoy essential oils

A great way to introduce children to essential oils and natural living is with our Purple Dreams Bath Bar for Kids. It features goats milk, olive oil, and Simply PURE™ Lavender essential oil in a unique swirling design. Soft and gentle, its relaxing aroma will calm while it cleans and leave skin feeling smooth. With Purple Dreams by the sink, kids will enjoy washing their hands and you will feel great that they are learning healthy habits in a natural way.

Goats Milk and Olive Oil Bath Bars, handcrafted in small batches, PURELY Purple Dreams, Lavender essential oil


Still have questions? Be sure to talk to your PURELY™ Independent Advisor for more help learning about essential oils and other natural health products for your family!



  • Essential oils should not be applied directly to the skin. Topical applications should be diluted with a carrier oil before application.
  • Always start with a lower saturation level and test a small patch of skin for sensitivity before increasing saturation and coverage area.
  • Have fun and share the excitement of healthy living with your children! It’s never too early to learn the habits and benefits of living pure!