Ingredient Insights: Sunflower Seed Oil

They’re bright, bold, and beautiful, but did you know sunflowers are also healthy? Those tasty seeds that many people munch on are packed with linoleic acid and vitamin E which are beneficial to the body. In today’s post, discover why Helianthus annuus is a premium ingredient included in PURELY™ beauty products.

Sunflower, sunflower seeds, sunflower seed oil, cold pressed oil full of vitamin E for healthy skin

First, how do we get these benefits out of the sunflower seeds? The process is called cold pressing and it squeezes the natural oils out of the seeds. Crushing the seeds without heat produces less oil but creates a higher quality, more pure product. The oil is gathered and can then be used for lots of applications from cooking to cosmetics. Here at PURELY™ we use sunflower seed oil in our beauty products to give your skin the best feeling possible.

The linoleic acid in sunflower seed oil has anti-inflammatory and moisture retentive properties. This unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid is better for the body than saturated fats found in other oils and food. Of course, your body needs a balance of both so moderation is key when cooking and eating sunflower seed oil. Linoleic acid is also beneficial to your skin by hydrating and soothing it.

Sunflower seed oil is also rich in vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant in the body. It improves skin health and helps regenerate cells. This means that your skin is better protected against damage from the sun, as well as the natural degradation of age that occurs when free radicals attack the body. This appears as a reduction in scars, quicker wound healing, and a healthy natural glow to your skin.

Helianthus annuus is just one of the natural ingredients you will find in PURELY™ products – all of them held to our Simply Pure™ Promise.


Sunflower seed oil can be found in the following PURELY™ products:

  • Original Goat Milk Lotion
  • Citrus + Vanilla Goat Milk Lotion
  • Bath Bars
  • Charcoal Facial Bar
  • Peppermint Lip Balm
  • Citrus Blast Lip Balm
  • Original Lip Balm