January 2017 Host Exclusive

Start the year off right with a party and have double the fun in 2017. Host your friends for a nice night off this January and PURELY™ is going to reward you with our biggest Host Exclusive ever – DOUBLE HOST REWARDS!

PURELY Party Scene, Group of people in a living room looking at catalogs, listening to an Advisor

That’s right. When you host a party this January with over $300 in sales, you get double the rewards! That’s twice as much free product credit and twice as many half-price items. For an average party, that’s a $160 shopping spree + 14 half-price items! (An average PURELY™ party has seven guests and $500 in sales!) So start your 2017 with a party and have two times the fun this month.

Talk to your PURELY™ Independent Advisor about hosting a party this January and have twice the fun on your night off!

January 2017 Host Exclusive, PURELY Host Rewards, Double Free Products, Double Half-Price Items