July 2017 Customer Special

Stay healthy and live pure all summer long when you get a free bottle of Slenderize™ Diet Blend with your order! Just make a retail purchase of $100 or more and we will include a 10 mL bottle for free. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this best selling blend.

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When it comes to pounds and inches, here at PURELY™ we talk about weight management – not just weight loss. Luckily, nature provides lots of answers and we have harnessed some of these essential oils to create our Slenderize™ Diet Blend.

This PURELY™ exclusive blend features a unique formula of cinnamon, ginger, peppermint, grapefruit, and lemon essential oils. Combined in the proper formula, Slenderize™ can be used to control your hunger by altering your brain signals for food cravings. Our proprietary blend has been shown to help control blood sugar levels, promote weight loss, and manage hunger pangs on a daily basis. Slenderize™ is crucial for promoting a healthy metabolism and positive feelings.

A popular way to experience the Slenderize™ Diet Blend is with a Slenderize™ wrap. This topical application helps put the essential oils to work right where they are needed. Step one is to dilute Slenderize™ with a carrier oil such as Immerse to aid absorption. Then apply this mixture to the problem area you wish to lose inches from – the midsection, thighs, or upper arms are common concerns. Finally, wrap the area snugly in food grade plastic wrap to decrease evaporation and tone skin.

Excellent by itself, Slenderize™ also plays an important role when combined with the other PURELY™ essential oils of our Sinopec Detox Plan. This essential oil protocol provides a systematic approach of healthy habits and tools to attack stubborn fat. You can learn more about the plan and download a free copy right here on PURELYLabs!


Customer special orders must be entered between July 1, 2017 and 11:59pm Central time on July 31, 2017 to receive special pricing.