New Oral Care Line

We are so excited at every chance we get to offer new ways to live pure. By refusing to use harmful toxic ingredients, we can provide natural solutions that help others live a more healthy life. The latest addition to our mission is a complete line of oral care products to help keep your mouth clean and fresh.

PURELY Oral Care Line, Powdered Toothpaste, Fresh Breath Spray, Detox Mouthwash, with Shield protection

Featuring three products, the pieces of our oral care line work together to eliminate odor causing bacteria so your breath stays fresh. It starts with our Powdered Toothpaste which is available in two flavors – Mint Cinnamon and Orange Cinnamon. This charcoal based formula is fluoride, xylitol, and sweetener free; all of its natural flavoring comes from Simply Pure™ essential oils. Gently scrub away germs and debris while promoting the body’s natural abilities to re-mineralize teeth so your mouth stays strong and clean.

Follow up your brushing with a swish of our Detox Mouthwash. Swirl a swig of this Mint Cinnamon mouthwash for a few minutes to help reduce inflammation, promote healthy gums, and prevent tooth decay. Keep going for twenty minutes and experience the benefits of oil pulling – an ancient Ayurvedic dental technique practiced for millennia. The natural power of coconut oil will draw out the impurities hiding between your teeth and gums so your mouth stays fresh and pure.

Finally, stay fresh while on the go with our portable Fresh Breath Spray. This travel-size mix of essential oils and organic sugar cane alcohol will blast away bad breath with its cooling Mint Cinnamon flavor. Quickly and conveniently give your mouth a refresh anytime or anywhere you want to live pure.

PURELY Powdered Toothpaste, Mint Cinnamon, Orange Cinnamon, natural charcoal powder toothpaste with essential oils, oral care

All of our oral care products are enhanced by the protective powers of our proprietary Shield™ essential oil blend. This collection of six essential oils – based on the Medieval Four Thieves Vinegar – kills germs and bacteria to support a healthy immune system. Featured in our entire line of oral care products, the purifying power of Shield™ can help keep your body’s defenses strong while keeping your mouth clean.

upgrade your oral care routine to a pure experience and Shield yourself with a healthy immune system by using natural, PURELY™ Products.

Shield Protective Blend, PURELY essential oils, immune system support, cleaning

Shield™ Protective Blend PRIMARY BENEFITS

  • Enhances immune system and boosts healthy function
  • Cleaning of surfaces
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation
  • Rejuvenating and elevating fragrance
  • Relieves tooth and gum pain
  • Cleans wounds