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November 2017 Customer Special

Housework doesn’t have to be hazardous anymore. Throw away the toxic, synthetic chemicals that come in most cleaning products and replace them with the natural power of essential oils in our Restore™ Cleansing Blend. Regularly $17, you can receive a bottle for free with any retail purchase of $100 or more in the month of November!

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Candy Corn Sugar Scrub, all natural, no dyes, just citrus peels, PURELY essential oils

DIY Recipes: Candy Corn Sugar Scrub

Candy corn is a popular treat this time of year and it even has its own dedicated day (the day before Halloween of course!) This bright, colorful candy with its recognizable stack of colors has inspired many ideas, including today’s post for a sugar scrub you can make at home. While you can find lots of recipes for this do-it-yourself idea around the Internet, all of them we could find use food dyes. Let’s make one that’s all natural, looks great, and works great for your skin!

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Group of women at a PURELY home party, party plan, essential oils, natural products, live purely

Party Plan and Network Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Since party plan and network marketing are both types of direct selling, it’s easy to get them confused and think the words are talking about the same thing. There are a few differences to the two business models though that are quite important, so let’s clear things up with a quick comparison. (Full disclosure up front, PURELY™ is a party plan company so we’re a little bias to all the fun and friendships you can have by getting people together!)

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Healthy Halloween Witches Brew with Green Apples, Spinach for natural color, Ginger Ale, and PURELY essential oils, recipe

Witch’s Brew: An Essential Oil Potion

Goblins and ghosts and spooks in the night, parties this time of year can be quite a fright. But don’t be scared by the idea of refreshments, just whip up a batch of this brew with delightful freshness. (Oh, and trust us on this one – it doesn’t taste like spinach!)

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Fit Natural Deodorant, charcoal deodorant with PURELY essential oils, dressed in black, men's care

PURELY Presents: Fit Natural Deodorant

Stay dry, fresh, and full of energy with the pure power of our natural deodorant for men. Fit Hormone Blend for Him builds on our exclusive Endo•Fit™ essential oil blend to deliver support, balance and vitality throughout the body while keeping your pits stink free.

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