Purely Presents: Frankincense

More valuable than gold, at least it used to be. Purely’s Frankincense is used for a multitude of issues such as helping you clear up those skin imperfections like wrinkles and scars. Frankincense is famed and valued as an essential oil. It is mentioned prominently in the New Testament. Assyrians and Babylonians burned it during…


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Purely Presents: Anchor

Do you or someone you know suffer from dizzy spells? Dizziness is characterized by disorientation, light-headedness, unsteadiness, and loss of balance. Symptoms that generally accompany dizziness are nausea, weakness, and blurred vision. Dizziness occurs when the brain receives disrupted signals from the eyes and inner ears, and you lose your sense of orientation. Anchor essential…


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Essential Oil Safety Guidelines by Age

Essential oils, as we know, are potent. Not everyone can or should use all oils at any given time. One of the biggest questions about essential oils is whether or not there are guidelines depending on the age of the user. To help you with making these decisions, we’ve created this tool for you, our…


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What are Essential Oils?

One of the most important questions that people ask about essential oils is also one of the most basic: What are essential oils? Essential oils are the pure, undiluted essence of a plant commonly used in aromatherapy. The oils are derived from plant material such as berries, citrus peels, roots, twigs, flowers, and bark to…