PURELY Presents: Relaxation™

Relaxation™ is our anti-stress formula. This essential oil blend can be used to alleviate multiple types of daily stress. It is designed to relax your body, calm your mind and soothe your soul with the natural chemical compounds of plants. Learn how to find your center and melt away that stressful day with today’s post about Relaxation™ essential oil blend.

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Origanum majorana, Marjoram essential oil, PURELY EOs, simply pure essential oils

PURELY Presents: Marjoram

Much like Coriander, it’s helpful to talk specifics when talking about Marjoram essential oil. It shares lots of similarities with the more familiar Oregano; they are even part of the same genus classification of Origanum. In this post though, we’re talking about Origanum majorana and its amazing benefits for your health.

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PURELY pH Balancing Toner, Claire Skin Cleansing Line, balance, soothe, tighten, aloe, tea tree, white willow bark

PURELY Presents: pH Balancing Toner

After the hard work of removing dirt and impurities thanks to steps one and two of the Claire™ Skin Cleansing Line, your skin needs some tender care. That’s exactly why step three is our pH Balancing Toner featuring white willow bark and white tea.

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Direct Sales Dictionary

As a party plan company, PURELY™ is part of the $36 billion direct sales industry that more than 20 million Americans participate in to earn income. [1] But what exactly does “direct sales” mean? In a field this big, it’s important to know some key words and their meanings. Make sense of the jargon with this abridged Direct Sales Dictionary of crucial concepts.

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March 2017 Customer Special, free essential oil roller bottle, Relaxstick, Relaxation, Immerse

March 2017 Customer Special

Roll-on stress relief quickly with our convenient Relaxstick roller bottle of PURELY™ essential oils. Prediluted with our Immerse ultra-fine nourishing carrier oil, Relaxstick makes it easy to apply moisturizing and therapeutic benefits while on-the-go. Exclusively available through this special offer, you can get yours free with any purchase of $75 or more during the month of March!
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