Spinach and Green Apple Salad with Essential Oil Dressing, clean eating, eat healthy

Salad Dressing Recipes

Salads are a healthy and filling way to live pure with your eating. Make sure your salad dressing isn’t hurting your health goals by making one of these simple recipes from easy ingredients. And we’re not just talking about leafy greens either; pasta salads and sliced vegetables are also perfect pairings to pour over one of these tasty treats.

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Bloc+ Pain Relief Rub by PURELY, muscle pain and joint ache balm, essential oil relief, natural product

PURELY Presents: Bloc+ Pain Relief Rub

One of our most talked about blends just got better! We’ve taken our Bloc™ Pain Relief Blend and turned it into an easy, ready-to-use balm rub. Keep reading to learn how Bloc+ is ready to help you find relief and live pure.

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PURELY Rose Petal Nourishing Facial Mist,, rose water, aloe leaf juice, white tea, moisturizer

August 2017 Customer Special

A spritz from this hydrating, cooling, and soothing moisturizer is the perfect pick-me-up to get you through the day. Balanced for all skin types, our Rose Petal Nourishing Facial Mist will invigorate your senses and give your skin a radiant, youthful glow. Regularly $24, you can receive a bottle for free with any retail purchase of $100 or more in the month of August!

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Wise Owl Diffusing Bracelet, essential oil accessory, aromatherapy jewelry

August 2017 Free Host Gift

What a hoot! The latest in a set of host exclusive designs, our Wise Owl Diffusing Bracelet is a fun way to enjoy essential oils. Enjoy the aroma and therapeutic benefits of your favorite PURELY™ essential oils wherever you go with one of these stylish accessories on your wrist. Better yet, get it for free!

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PURELY Essential Oil Bottle, Sage, Simply PURE, therapeutic grade, 100% natural

PURELY Presents: Sage

sage: adjective – having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom. While originally derived from two different Latin words, it’s appropriate that the Salvia officinalis plant has become synonymous with a description of being wise. Its warm, herbaceous aroma has been recognized since ancient times as an herbal remedy for numerous issues.

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