Party Plan and Network Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Since party plan and network marketing are both types of direct selling, it’s easy to get them confused and think the words are talking about the same thing. There are a few differences to the two business models though that are quite important, so let’s clear things up with a quick comparison. (Full disclosure up front, PURELY™ is a party plan company so we’re a little bias to all the fun and friendships you can have by getting people together!)

Group of women at a PURELY home party, party plan, essential oils, natural products, live purely

The big difference between party plan and network marketing is how you approach making sales. In a party plan company, you gather a group of guests to make a product demonstration and then make sales. With network marketing, the focus is to make sales through one-on-one interactions and follow-ups with individuals you know and meet through your daily life. This big difference in sales strategy drives all the smaller things that companies present about their business – training, compensation focus, and even product offerings.

It’s important to note that these two approaches do not have to be all-or-nothing affairs. With today’s busy and tightly scheduled customer, it can be helpful to borrow from both techniques to be a better advisor. Maybe party plan is your primary avenue and you spend 90% of the time doing parties, but every so often you will sit down for coffee and chat one-on-one with a friend to make a sale. 80% of the time you are networking individually but every couple of months you invite all of your new contacts over for an open house to catch up together.

Here at PURELY™ we think party plan is the way to go. While getting a cup of coffee with a friend sounds great, getting the girls together for a spa night of natural products (and maybe a glass of wine or two) just sounds a little bit better. Being a party plan company also means we can offer host rewards. Customers with a big wishlist for living pure can earn free and half-price items by introducing PURELY™ to their friends and having their own fun night off.

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