PURELY Presents: Coriander

One important piece of information when working with essential oils is the scientific name of genus and species. This helps identify the specific plant an essential oil was extracted from. When talking about Coriandrum sativum you have to get even more specific. That’s because two different essentials oils can be produced from different parts of the plant.

The Coriander essential oil offered by PURELY™ is steam distilled from the seeds of the plant. This produces an herbaceous oil with slightly sweet and woodsy notes throughout the aroma. A different essential oil with its own distinct aroma, flavor, and profile can be produced from the leafy, green stems of Coriandrum sativum. You might be familiar with a common alternative name for this part of the plant: cilantro.

Coriander seeds and cilantro leaves can both be steam distilled to produce two different essential oils from the same plant

Now that we know which essential oil we’re talking about, why are we talking about it? How can Coriander essential oil help improve your life?

First, coriander is a culinary and digestive superstar. Both the seeds and cilantro leaves are used the world over in cuisines to add spice and flavor to dishes. With PURELY™ Coriander essential oil in the pantry, you’re ready to add that little extra something to make a meal extraordinary. In addition to tasting great, it does wonders for the digestive system by calming upset stomachs while also easing gas and bloating.

This improvement in digestion is enhanced by coriander’s ability to help increase metabolism and speed up the body’s breakdown of fats and cholesterol. All together this makes Coriander essential oil an excellent choice in weight management routines. Whether topically applied to the abdomen with a carrier oil or ingested with a glass of water, Coriander can provide your body with countless benefits related to food.

Coriander’s benefits don’t stop there. Its warmth and touch of spiciness can also stimulate other systems of the body to boost their activity. Hormonal glands, the liver, and the nervous system can be re-energized to support healthy, peak performance.

Talk to your PURELY™ Independent Advisor today about adding Coriander essential oil to your natural health routine and discover the difference living PURELY™ can have in your life.

PURELY Coriander Essential Oil, Coriandrum sativum, digestion, weight management

Primary Benefits

  • Boosts digestion and metabolism to aid in weight management
  • Helps indigestion, cramps and bloating
  • Supports hormonal gland, liver, and nervous system functions
  • Promotes relaxation and calmness