Purely Presents: Frankincense

More valuable than gold, at least it used to be. Purely’s Frankincense is used for a multitude of issues such as helping you clear up those skin imperfections like wrinkles and scars.

Frankincense is famed and valued as an essential oil. It is mentioned prominently in the New Testament. Assyrians and Babylonians burned it during funerals while ancient Egyptians utilized Frankincense gum for many purposes including salves for treating the skin and perfumes for the body.

Since it has beautifying and soothing elements, Frankincense is effective in reinvigorating the skin and lessening the appearance of stretch marks and scars. It is regarded as the greatest among oils and is effective for the promotion of cell health.

frankincense-1001Primary Benefits

  • Helps strengthen immune system
  • Lessens appearance of stretch marks and scars
  • Boosts general cell health in the body
  • Improves look of your skin and helps slow down the aging process
  • Helps protect from hair loss
  • Helps wounds heal faster
  • Promotes visual acuity
  • May stabilize mood and promote relaxation


Directions for Use

Steam Inhalation: Add 2-3 drops to a cup of steaming water and inhale

Diffusion: Diffuse 3-5 drops or more in the diffuser

Topical: Use the dilution table to add 1-2 drops and apply to the desired area.

Not all essential oils are appropriate at all times. Be sure to reference our guidelines below:

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Essential Oil Dilution Chart

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