PURELY Presents: pH Balancing Toner

After the hard work of removing dirt and impurities thanks to steps one and two of the Claire™ Skin Cleansing Line, your skin needs some tender care. That’s exactly why step three is our pH Balancing Toner featuring white willow bark and white tea.

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After the deep cleaning of our Charcoal Facial Masque, it’s important to soothe the skin and help bring it back to a healthy, balanced environment. By bringing the skin back to a more natural pH level, your skin has an easier job protecting you from bacteria and stays healthy longer. It also prevents the skin from trying to over-correct and produce too much or too little oil.

One of the main ingredients in our pH Balancing Toner is Aloe barbadensis. Organic aloe leaf juice is highly moisturizing and gently calms any skin irritations. It is aided by white willow bark, white tea, and tea tree extracts. These ingredients help clean up after the masque to remove debris and dead skin cells so that fresh, radiant skin shines. They also nourish the skin with antioxidants that help reduce and prevent the appearance of skin damage.

Packaged in a simple system with our Charcoal Facial Bar and Charcoal Facial Masque, the natural ingredients of the Claire™ Skin Cleansing Line will deliver the bright, healthy complexion your skin deserves in just three easy steps. Order your kit today and discover the natural alternative to facial cleansing.

Claire Skin Cleansing Line, complete kit of 3-step system to cleaner, clearer, healthier skin


Aloe barbadensis (Organic Aloe Leaf Juice), Hammamelis virginiana (Alcohol Free Witch Hazel), Vegetable Glycerin, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree Extract), Camellia sinensis (Organic White Tea Extract), Salix alba (Organic White Willow Bark Extract)