Purely Presents: Rosemary

Known commonly as Rosemary, the plant is a woody herb with fragrant leaves and blue or white flowers. The leaves look like hemlock needles, and Rosemary is found mostly in the Mediterranean. It has been recognized as a sacred plant by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.

Many healers throughout the centuries have considered Rosemary useful for its digestive properties and for the alleviation of muscle pain.

Rosemary oil has been used as a fragrant body perfume since ancient times. It has been burned as incense and has been used in cleaning products and shampoos. It is a very useful cleaner.

Primary Benefits

  • Hair loss
  • Muscle pain
  • Immunity boosting
  • Memory retention
  • Gently soothes away tension


Example Uses

For clarity of thought: Take a few drops in your hand with a carrier oil and rub your hands together. Cup your hands over your mouth and nose to flood your senses for a few minutes.

For dandruff: Add Rosemary oil to your existing shampoo and rinse your hair with water every day.

For extreme nausea: Rosemary oil can be used aromatically by holding it directly under your nose.


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