PURELY Presents: Walk the Lime™

Limes. Zesty, bittersweet, tart, sour. These are just a few words to describe the amazing taste and aroma this fruit has. The essential oil made from its rind also shares the same bright, fresh qualities as the juice produced from the inside. Keep reading to discover all the outstanding benefits this super fruit and its natural chemicals have to offer your body!

Cutting board with lots of limes, bowls full of limes, walk the lime, citrus aurantifolia

Citrus aurantifolia is an evergreen tree that grows up to a height of almost fifteen feet. It was originally cultivated in Asia but later spread to all warm countries; North and South America, the West Indies and Italy are major producers of limes. Our Simply PURE™ essential oil is cold pressed from Mexican limes to produce the highest quality EO. Squeezing the rinds without heat produces less oil but creates a more natural and pure product.

In discovering this particular specimen of lime essential oil, we were so inspired by its aroma and qualities we decided to give it a special name. So what does “Walk the Lime” mean? To stay dedicated to doing things right. To stay faithful and true in providing the purest natural products possible. To hold intentions, actions, and ideals free of impurities. To live pure.

With its bright and lively scent, Lime essential oil does a great job of awakening the senses and boosting alertness. Like other citrus oils, it is also a helpful cleaning and disinfecting agent. These two properties make Walk the Lime™ a great companion for those morning showers – which is super easy to enjoy since we made a detoxifying bath bar with it. Its energetic nature also works great when diffused where it creates an atmosphere of excitement and motivation.

When you are ready to live pure, WALK THE LIME™ and DISCOVER HOW the PURELY™ difference CAN HELP MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER.


Primary Benefits

  • Repairs connective tissues
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Helpful for insect bites
  • Supports the liver and the lymphatic system
  • Removes stains and is a good house cleaning agent
  • Gently soothes away the tension
  • Elevates mood and alertness

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