Purely’s Stance on Ingestion

This information is intended to express our views and should not be interpreted as medical advice or substituted as such. Never disregard professional medical advice for personal care. Not all individuals will agree or find this information helpful.

We at PURELY™ have been asked to address our stance on the ingestion of our essential oils. Many people do use oils in this way while others recommend to only use oils topically or by inhalation. Understanding essential oils and their methods of use can be quite confusing when you begin reading books and articles, and we believe that it is important to know your oils and how to safely use them.

PURELY™ takes great pride in our Simply Pure™ promise. Our essential oils are tested to ensure their purity and that they are of the highest grade which is necessary for therapeutic uses. Although you can purchase oils from health food stores, there is no guarantee that the oils you are purchasing do not have toxic or synthetic chemicals added. If you are unsure about an oil you are using — even if labeled as pure — please do not use it.

Humans have consumed plants for centuries. On a daily basis, we all consume oils from foods that are flavored with natural flavorings. The book The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils by Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D., covers how our bodies process essential oils. He also explains how first-time oil users should begin with one drop of an oil, such as lemon, which begins detoxifying your body of xenobiotics (toxic chemicals): “The reader will find that basic information and a dose of common sense are a perfect foundation to safely explore the many uses of essential oils. This is not to say that there will never be an unpleasant experience. An oil might be irritating or more stimulating than expected…Compared to the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by the wrongful application of conventional medicines and the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by known side effects of conventional drugs, the journeys to explore essential oils are innocent and utterly harmless” (Schnaubelt 74).

Oral consumption of oils is a personal choice, and we cannot make that decision for you. God gave us plants for medicinal uses, and the benefits of plant oils are amazing however you choose to use them. Depending on what your health goal, topical application or inhalation may be more effective.

At PURELY™ we trust our standards and we do suggest ingestion as a method of use. We do understand that some individuals may have some reservations about the ingesting of oils, and we recommend seeking the advice of a medical professional. Educating yourself on the proper ways to safely use essential oils is very important. Always be sure to follow the directions on the labels for safe methods of use.

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