Healthy Halloween Witches Brew with Green Apples, Spinach for natural color, Ginger Ale, and PURELY essential oils, recipe

Witch’s Brew: An Essential Oil Potion

Goblins and ghosts and spooks in the night, parties this time of year can be quite a fright. But don’t be scared by the idea of refreshments, just whip up a batch of this brew with delightful freshness. (Oh, and trust us on this one – it doesn’t taste like spinach!)

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Apples, Peanut Butter, Honey & EVOO

I love working out! I normally go first thing in the morning, problem is,  I can’t eat really heavy before because it’s super intense. This little breakfast snack has been a great solution. Sometimes I grab a protein bar; sometimes I use this recipe.

This is also great for an after school snack! I remember as a child my mom always made me peanut butter and apples after school … this just kicks it up a notch.


An apple
Honey to taste
Peanut Butter to taste
Drizzle of PURELY EVOO
Sprinkle of sea salt
Optional: Crumbled bacon

What to do

Cut the apple to desired size. Add or drizzle other ingredients to taste. Enjoy!

Tiffiney Addis is a Presidential Founding Advisor with Purely. She is a wife and mother who enjoys travel, food, and healthy living.