Do-it-yourself natural deodorant, arrowroot powder with PURELY essential oils

DIY Recipes: Deodorant

One of the first products many people like to replace when deciding to live a more pure, health conscious lifestyle is deodorant. Applied daily to sensitive areas of the body, what’s in your deodorant quickly makes its way into your body. Go the easy route and purchase one of the amazing options we already offer or use the recipe below to create your own natural alternative and remove toxic chemicals from your daily routine.

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DIY Acne Fighting Face Wash, do-it-yourself with PURELY essential oils, DIY recipe, local honey, Claire Acne Solution Blend

DIY Recipes: Acne Fighting Face Wash

Are you fighting acne? Do you want a natural way to control the blemishes that pop up while nurturing the health of your skin? Then you should probably be checking out our Claire™ Skin Cleansing Line that provides a simple, three-step system to clear skin. But we understand, sometimes you just like to do things yourself and make something special. Consider trying one of these three recipes to replace your chemical-heavy face wash with a natural, non-toxic alternative.

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PURELY Presents: Claire™

Some people think acne is just a puberty problem for teenagers, but you know better. People of all ages can be affected by blemishes, irritated skin, and occasional breakouts. Luckily, there is a natural answer of PURELY™ essential oils that form the perfect blend to be your solution for clear, healthy skin.Continue reading >>

Six shades of PURELY's new Tinted Lip Therapy Sticks, enhanced with essential oils, lip balm, lip moisturizer, natural beauty

PURELY Presents: Tinted Lip Therapy Sticks

Forget the lipstick. Put away the shine and gloss. Don’t even think about breaking out that painted lip application! You know from experience just how dry and weakened those products can leave your sensitive lips when all is said and done. It’s time to face facts; whoever said “beauty is pain” never met PURELY’s natural organic products and our new Tinted Lip Therapy Sticks!Continue reading >>

Two young women laughing and having fun outdoors, applying PURELY lip therapy sticks, natural beauty, lip balm, lip moisturizer

September 2016 Host Exclusive

We have new products coming soon, but you can get a sneak peek before everyone else! Since we love our hosts so much, we are giving you the exclusive opportunity to get some of our new Tinted Lip Therapy sticks for free before anyone else can even buy them! Host a party in September with over $300 in sales and get a set of three for free!

PURELY Host Exclusive for September, host a party for free product, tinted lip therapy sticks, lip balm, moisturizer

Moisturize and enhance the color of your lips with our new Tinted Lip Therapy sticks. Featuring three shades from the upcoming line, your lips will be soft and nourished by the organic ingredients. Tinting minerals give your lips a shimmer and shine that enrich your natural beauty.

Ask your Independent Advisor about hosting a party today and discover all the amazing rewards you can earn by having a fun night off with your friends!


Two young women laughing and having fun outdoors, applying PURELY lip therapy sticks, natural beauty, lip balm, lip moisturizer