PURELY Charcoal Facial Masque, activated charcoal mask, frankincense, hyaluronic acid, deep cleansing, acne, blemish control

July 2017 Free Host Gift

We love our hosts and we love thanking them for introducing PURELY™ to their friends and family! That’s why we give them host rewards to go on a shopping spree of free and half-price items, plus giveaway a new free gift each month. This July, when you host a party with $400 or more in sales, you will receive a free bottle of our Charcoal Facial Masque ($39 value) along with all your other rewards.

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Horticultural drawing of Salix alba leaves, flowers, and branches, white willow bark, PURELY natural ingredients, simply pure

Ingredient Insights: White Willow Bark

Known for its pain relieving properties for centuries, white willow bark holds a special place in the development of anti-inflammatory treatments and easing the aches of the body. In today’s post, discover the history of Salix alba and why it is a premium ingredient included in PURELY™ products.

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