Healthy Halloween Witches Brew with Green Apples, Spinach for natural color, Ginger Ale, and PURELY essential oils, recipe

Witch’s Brew: An Essential Oil Potion

Goblins and ghosts and spooks in the night, parties this time of year can be quite a fright. But don’t be scared by the idea of refreshments, just whip up a batch of this brew with delightful freshness. (Oh, and trust us on this one – it doesn’t taste like spinach!)

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Christmas Eggnog made with PURELY Essential Oils, Cinnamon Bark, Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Christmas Drinks and Other Holiday Beverages

Fun, festive drinks are an easy and delicious way to share in the camaraderie of the holiday spirit. Make them extra special and extra flavorful this season with the addition of PURELY™ essential oils. Your holidays will be warm, merry, and unforgettable with these handful of recipes everyone can enjoy.
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