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Spring Diffuser Recipes

Today is the first day of spring! While their might still be snow on the ground where you live, sunshine and blooming flowers are right around the corner. Be ready with the bright, refreshing aromas of these super easy 3-2-1 diffuser recipes that give you the perfect blend of essential oils. We even have a popular blend already available if you want to skip the mixing and get straight to enjoying the therapeutic benefits of these natural compounds.
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PURELY Natural Charcoal Deodorants, made with PURELY essential oils

Aluminum Deodorants and Breast Cancer

An email chain and lots of rumors around the internet have created a link that deodorants containing aluminum cause breast cancer. But is it true? The consensus from the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society is that there is no consensus. Conflicting results, tenuous links, and unanswered questions mean more research is needed to investigate the relationship between aluminum deodorants and breast cancer. At this point, no clear link or conclusive evidence has been found.Continue reading >>