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PURELY Presents: Slenderize™

When it comes to pounds and inches, here at PURELY™ we talk about weight management – not just weight loss. Maintaining our bodies is a daily endeavor and every bit of help counts in staying healthy. Luckily, nature provides lots of answers and we have harnessed some of these essential oils to create our Slenderize™ Diet Blend.

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PURELY Presents: Grapefruit

When it comes to lifting spirits and cleaning the house, citrus oils are the leaders. It’s amazing the amount of choice and variety that exist in just this one genus of Citrus plants. One such species is Citrus paradisi – the Grapefruit.Continue reading >>

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How to Re-energize when Laziness Strikes

Laziness is part of life. It can consume us and make our lives difficult.

How we react to laziness determines the changes we make. If we jump right into bed as soon as we convince ourselves that we can’t get anything done, then it will be even harder to get over the laziness.

But there are a few proactive choices we can make to keep the laziness at bay.

reenergize purely

Break down things to be done

One of the reasons why you might always feel lazy is focusing on the list of things that you have to do in your seemingly very short day. It can get overwhelming just going through the list, and it can ruin your motivation.

Instead of creating a long list of things you must do, how about writing down just two of your goals for the day and then work towards achieving them as fast as you can? You will feel more energized when you feel the tasks are achievable, and this is what breaking them down helps you do. You can add a few more when you are done with the first just to push yourself further.

Get some exercise

Instead of jumping in bed or sitting around doing nothing but feel tired and trapped, get active and you will get over the laziness in no time at all.

Sometimes all you need is to take your mind off things that need to be done to get energized and find motivation. Go out for a jog or a run or do a few intense lunges at home.

You can also re-energize by dancing to your favorite jams or singing out loud. After some engaging exercises, you will have an easier time getting the day organized and actually finding the energy to get the tasks at hand done.

Allow some relaxing time

If you are feeling lazy because you probably worked late last night or woke up to get other things done, then you probably need a little time to snooze to reboot your body system. If you keep trying to work and you can’t seem to concentrate, then simply sit back for a while or even take a short nap and then come back stronger and get things done. It is a simple way of finding your energy and motivation and you should stick to the length of time you choose to relax and nothing more.

Essential oils

There are very good essential oils that you can diffuse or inhale to feel energized and motivated to face the tasks of the day. Get the best mood enhancing essential oils and keep them handy for the times you need them most.

Consider some of the following:

Ignite – This energy blend can kick that laziness to the curb and boost your memory.

Slenderize – Labeled as a Diet Blend, Slenderize is actually helpful in boosting energy.

Peel – Improve your mood and attitude to get the energy to get to work. Peel is a citrus blend that is loved for not only it’s amazing scent but also its ability to re-energize.

Peppermint – Open up your airways and add some pep to your step. Peppermint has many uses including boosting mental clarity and focus.

Not all essential oils are appropriate at all times. Be sure to reference our guidelines below:

Essential Oils Safety Guidelines by Age

Purely Oils & Blends to Avoid while Pregnant and Nursing

Essential Oil Dilution Chart

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