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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is the application of appropriate pressure to specific points and areas on the feet, hands, or face. Reflexologists believe that the different organs and systems of the body can be mapped to reflex points on these extremities of the body. By applying pressure to the correct spots, a beneficial effect on a person’s health…


PURELY Customer Special for January 2017, free essential oils, Eucalyptus, Peel™ Citrus Blend

January 2017 Customer Special

Brighten your new year with the fresh aroma of free essential oils! All January long enjoy this special offer to receive a free bottle of Eucalyptus essential oil plus a free bottle of our unique Peel™ Citrus Blend. Just place an order of $100 or more and we’ll automatically add them to your shopping cart! Simple and…


Women in bed suffering from flu, PURELY Essential Oils to the rescue during cold and flu season

Get Ready for Cold & Flu Season

While influenza and the common cold can strike year-round, cold and flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter. The exact timing and duration of cold and flu season can vary from year to year, but it usually peaks between December and February. Luckily there are lots of ways to use essential oils to stay…


Scented Stationery with PURELY Essential Oils, five letters and envelopes with Christmas theme

Scented Stationery with Essential Oils

Give your recipient an extra treat by infusing your cards and envelopes with a light aroma to make that letter even more special. This trick works year round, but it is especially useful during the holidays with all the Christmas cards and Season’s Greetings floating about. Just add a couple of drops of your favorite…


PURELY Bath Bars, Goat Milk and Olive Oil Soap with Essential Oils, Tiara, Shield, Walk the Lime, Relaxation, Lavender

PURELY Perfect Gifts for Everyone

The holidays are here and there are just a few last minute names left on your gift list. You’re looking for the perfect gift and luckily PURELY™ has you covered. The eight categories below are here to help with ideas on what to get and also make sure you don’t forget someone who deserves a special…