Relaxation Bath Bar, goats milk and olive oil bath bar, PURELY essential oil blend, calming, relaxing, clean

October 2017 Customer Special

Enjoy an extra special treat with any retail order of $100 or more this month – a free Relaxation Bath Bar! (regular retail price $12) Brighten up your bathroom with this unique swirl of colors and patterns – every bar is different – while enjoying the wealth of therapeutic benefits PURELY™ essential oils can provide.

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Eucalyptus Mint Dead Sea Salt Scrub, PURELY Essential Oils, Simply Pure, Refuse20

Eucalyptus Mint – A Match Made in Health Heaven

Peanut butter and jelly. Spaghetti and meatballs. PURELY™ and essential oils. There are lots of great things that get even better when you combine them together. Today’s post is all about one such combination – Eucalyptus and Mint.

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PURELY Presents: Bath Bars

It’s time to suds up and get clean with the most nourishing bath bar your skin has ever felt. Featuring premium ingredients and PURELY™ essential oils, every bar has its own unique look of colors and patterns. Brighten up every bathtub, shower, and sink in the house while enjoying the wealth of therapeutic benefits each formula provides.

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Woman applying PURELY Lip Balm, hydrate and moisturize lips with Peppermint, Citrus Blast, and Original

Four Tips for Protecting Skin from Winter Weather

Winter is here. Cold temperatures, harsh winds, and hot indoor air can cause lots of problems for your skin. With a little TLC though, you can avoid the dryness and irritation to keep your skin healthy, comfortable, and beautiful. Before stepping outside, make sure you follow these tips to protect your skin from the cold while minimizing your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

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PURELY Milk and Butter Luxury Bath Bombs, goat milk, goat milk, cocoa seed butter, spa experience

PURELY Presents: Milk + Butter Luxury Bath Bombs

Fizz, bubble, pop! Enjoy the effervescent treat of a spa experience at home with our Milk + Butter Luxury Bath Bombs. Add one to your bath and watch as the soothing ingredients dissolve into the water where they wait to nourish your skin. The natural minerals, oils, and goat milk transform your bath into a rejuvenating pool ready to revitalize your skin.

Our Bath Bombs are perfect used alone but can also be enhanced by adding your favorite PURELY™ essential oil. Just place a few drops of essential oil on the bath bomb before you add it to the tub to enjoy extra therapeutic benefits. Some popular choices include:

  • Lavender : a soothing experience perfect right before bed to get restful sleep
  • Oxyzen™ : open airways and improve breathing with this blend of essential oils for respiratory health
  • Relaxation™ : soothe away the tension and calm your mind with a relaxing bath

PURELY Milk and Butter Luxury Bath Bombs, goat milk, goat milk, cocoa seed butter, spa experience

Featuring five individual tablets in a gorgeous metal tin, our Bath Bombs also make the perfect gift item. Add a Bath Bar and the recipient’s favorite essential oil and you have an irresistible gift basket they are sure to enjoy. With all the following benefits, it’s no surprise Bath Bombs are an explosive hit!

  • Softens bath water
  • Aids in removing toxin from the body
  • Helps reduce water retention
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Adding essential oils to the bomb provides other therapeutic benefits

Shop today or ask your Independent Advisor to help you build the perfect package of items that will turn your bathroom into a spa.