PURELY Mother's Day Special Gifts, Savings on select products that make great gift ideas

May 2017 Customer Special

Mother’s Day is in May and what better way to celebrate mom than with pure, healthy gifts. We’ve also split up this month’s customer specials, so you have even more chances to enjoy great deals on PURELY™ essential oils and natural products. Keep reading to learn all about May’s Customer Specials!

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DIY Acne Fighting Face Wash, do-it-yourself with PURELY essential oils, DIY recipe, local honey, Claire Acne Solution Blend

DIY Recipes: Acne Fighting Face Wash

Are you fighting acne? Do you want a natural way to control the blemishes that pop up while nurturing the health of your skin? Then you should probably be checking out our Claire™ Skin Cleansing Line that provides a simple, three-step system to clear skin. But we understand, sometimes you just like to do things yourself and make something special. Consider trying one of these three recipes to replace your chemical-heavy face wash with a natural, non-toxic alternative.

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Purely Presents: Grace

There are many ways to use essential oils to pamper yourself. One of our awesome blends is Grace, the Anti-Aging blend. Known to help reduce the aging of skin; reduce the appearance of fine lines, spots and wrinkles; and help reduce stretch marks, Grace is for all skin types.


Grace is a beautiful blend of the following:

Lavender – healing effects for the skin

Geranium – anti-inflammatory; keeps skin smooth

Sandalwood – soothing

Helichrysum – soothes dermal inflammation

Frankincense – promotes radiant-looking, youthful skin; decelerates symptoms of aging by reducing skin imperfections

Carrot Seed – revitalizes, tones, and nourishes the skin

Rose Hip Seed – high in Vitamins A, E, and C; optimizes healthy regeneration of skin cells; softens and smooths scar tissue


Grace is often used with a carrier on the face to help moisturize.

Many who use Grace simply add it to Immerse on a daily basis as their moisturizer.



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