Lemon peel, Simply PURE Lemon Essential Oil from PURELY, citrus limon

PURELY Presents: Lemon

You would be hard pressed to find a person that hasn’t experienced the bright, tart taste of a Lemon. Whether it was fresh-squeezed lemonade or lemon zest garnished on a dessert, they might be surprised to learn they were enjoying essential oils without even knowing. This abundant citrus fruit is extremely versatile and an excellent introduction to the world of EOs.

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April 2017 Customer Special

All month long, save 22% on a system for healthy, natural weight loss! We’ve put together a package of our Simply PURE™ essential oils plus a carrier oil and marked down the price for the entire month of April. Now is the time to get back at that New Year’s goal or start working on that beach body for June and July. Keep reading to check out this month’s special and to learn how the Sinopec Detox Plan can help you.

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Women in bed suffering from flu, PURELY Essential Oils to the rescue during cold and flu season

Get Ready for Cold & Flu Season

While influenza and the common cold can strike year-round, cold and flu viruses are most common during the fall and winter. The exact timing and duration of cold and flu season can vary from year to year, but it usually peaks between December and February. Luckily there are lots of ways to use essential oils to stay healthy and boost your body’s natural defenses!
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A field of lavender bushes at sunset, popular essential oil, lavender, Lavandula angustifolia

The Power of Essential Oils

A pinch of oregano, a sprig of peppermint, the zest of an orange. If you have ever enjoyed a meal seasoned with fresh herbs or garnished with fruit peels, then you have experienced essential oils. Take a walk through an evergreen forest and the woodsy smell you enjoy is essential oils.

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3 oils for puffiness purely

Three Essential Oils to Reduce Puffiness Under Your Eyes

Puffiness under the eyes is what is commonly referred to as eye bags. Age is one of the contributors to this condition because the skin tissues around the area sag, weaken, and then accumulate fluid giving them that swollen appearance.

Apart from age, lack of enough sleep, sleeping with the face down, smoking, eczema, allergies and water retention are some of the other factors that aggravate the condition. Additionally, heredity can play a role.

The puffiness is usually not painful and does not indicate a serious condition, but it can be unsightly. If you are not comfortable with the puffiness and would like a natural remedy, there are three essential oils that can help!

3 oils for puffiness purely

Use Lavender essential oil – A drop of this natural essential oil can be mixed with a drop of lemon oil and a teaspoon of distilled water. You can then use the solution to massage the area under your eyes right before you go to bed. After applying, ensure that you have good head support by using comfortable supportive pillows. (Be sure that you do not go out in the sun after applying lemon oil.)

Use Roman Chamomile essential oil – The oil is also a great remedy of shrinking the tissues, thus getting rid of the puffiness. Roman Chamomile also has anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties that help in reducing swelling. You can use the oil together with witch hazel which has tightening effects and is an astringent. Mix two drops of the Roman Chamomile oil with two ounces of witch hazel and let the solution chill inside the refrigerator. You can then use cotton balls to swab the cold mixture under the eyes to shrink the tissues.

Use Rosemary essential oil – The essential oil of rosemary has anti-inflammatory agents rosemarinic acid and cafes acid which rejuvenate the skin and act as a mild diuretic to reduce under-eye swelling. Rosemary also helps puffiness by strengthening capillaries and by reducing inflammation. Three drops of rosemary essential oil can be mixed with a tablespoon of Shea butter and then massaged beneath the eyes. It is best to use circular massage motions using fingertips.

Remember: before using any of essential oils, you should do a skin test. You can apply a small amount of the oil you are about to use inside the elbow and let it stay for 24 hours. This way, you will get to know whether you are allergic to the ingredients or you can go ahead and use the oil safely.

Not all essential oils are appropriate at all times. Be sure to reference our guidelines below:

Essential Oils Safety Guidelines by Age

Purely Oils & Blends to Avoid while Pregnant and Nursing

Essential Oil Dilution Chart

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