Set of three PURELY Lip Balms, Citrus Blast, Peppermint, Original, Certified Organic Lip Balms

December 2017 Customer Special

Stuff your stockings this December when we stick free products in your order this month! With any retail purchase of $100 or more this month, we will automatically add a set of three organic lip balms (retail price $18) to your order.

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Six shades of PURELY's new Tinted Lip Therapy Sticks, enhanced with essential oils, lip balm, lip moisturizer, natural beauty

PURELY Presents: Tinted Lip Therapy Sticks

Forget the lipstick. Put away the shine and gloss. Don’t even think about breaking out that painted lip application! You know from experience just how dry and weakened those products can leave your sensitive lips when all is said and done. It’s time to face facts; whoever said “beauty is pain” never met PURELY’s natural organic products and our new Tinted Lip Therapy Sticks!Continue reading >>

Purely Presents: Organic Lip Balms

Hydrate and seal in the moisture of your lips with PURELY’s Organic Lip Balm. Made with certified organic ingredients including beeswax, sunflower oil and coconut oil, your lips will feel soothed and nourished after each application.

PURELY presents_Organic Lip Balms


  • Moisturize lips for a soft, smooth feeling
  • Protect lips from drying and cracking
  • Invigorates and uplifts mood

Directions for use

Apply to lips throughout the day as needed.

lip balm orig


Our Original formula is perfect for those who may be sensitive to essential oils and just want a no-nonsense, Simply Pure™ product that works to protect the delicate skin on your lips.



lip balm citrus


Enjoy the bright and exciting effects of this unique blend of citrus essential oils. Featuring lemon, lime and orange essential oils, you will feel energized while you protect the delicate skin on your lips.



lip balm pepp


Enjoy the refreshing and energizing effects of Peppermint essential oil while you protect the delicate skin on your lips.



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