Child's hands holding a bar of PURELY Purple Dreams soap, goat milk bath bar, lavender essential oil

Essential Oil Safety Guidelines by Age

Essential oils are potent, powerful, and highly concentrated plant extracts. While naturally safe when used as directed, they can potentially be harmful if used improperly. One of the biggest questions about essential oils is whether they are safe for children. While each person is unique and can respond differently, the following guide is helpful for making decisions about when a child should be introduced to essential oils.

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Essential oil dropping into water, ripples, diluting essential oils, carrier oils, dilution chart

Essential Oil Dilution Chart

As we mentioned last week, essential oils are powerful natural compounds. They are highly concentrated in their raw form which provides purity and flexibility when you choose to use them. Proper dilution of essential oils is often the biggest key to having a safe and responsible experience. There are several different ways to dilute PURELY™ essential oils so you enjoy the greatest benefits possible and the following post will tell you how to do it.

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Beagle dog in the grass, essential oil safety guidelines for dogs

Essential Oils and Dogs

If you own a dog, you likely consider her or him to be a part of your family. You want your pets to enjoy a healthy, pure life too and that’s possible because you can share PURELY™ essential oils with them. Usage information for dogs isn’t the same as people, but that’s why we have this post full of advice on the best options for helping your furry friends enjoy essential oils.

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