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Party Plan and Network Marketing: What’s the Difference?

Since party plan and network marketing are both types of direct selling, it’s easy to get them confused and think the words are talking about the same thing. There are a few differences to the two business models though that are quite important, so let’s clear things up with a quick comparison. (Full disclosure up front, PURELY™ is a party plan company so we’re a little bias to all the fun and friendships you can have by getting people together!)

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Direct Sales Dictionary

As a party plan company, PURELY™ is part of the $36 billion direct sales industry that more than 20 million Americans participate in to earn income. [1] But what exactly does “direct sales” mean? In a field this big, it’s important to know some key words and their meanings. Make sense of the jargon with this abridged Direct Sales Dictionary of crucial concepts.

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