Wedding bouquet with lavender flowers, natural wedding with essential oils

Wedding Bells + Essential Oils

Ahh, wedding season. (That was a relaxing ahh, not a screaming one!) With months of preparation and lots of details to work out, weddings can be one of life’s most stressful – and most memorable – events. Luckily, aromatherapy and essential oils are here to help make that special day unforgettable and more enjoyable.

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Scented Stationery with PURELY Essential Oils, five letters and envelopes with Christmas theme

Scented Stationery with Essential Oils

Give your recipient an extra treat by infusing your cards and envelopes with a light aroma to make that letter even more special. This trick works year round, but it is especially useful during the holidays with all the Christmas cards and Season’s Greetings floating about. Just add a couple of drops of your favorite PURELY™ essential oil to a cotton ball and place it inside a resealable plastic bag with your cards and envelopes. Let them sit for 24 hours, then send your scented stationery to create wonderful memories for whoever is on the other end!Continue reading >>

Purely Presents: Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang comes from the tropical Ylang Ylang tree and originates in Madagascar. The oil extracted from the star-shaped flowers of the tree.

Ylang Ylang is widely used in aromatherapy and in making perfumes. It is also utilized as an aphrodisiac just like Jasmine.

Ylang Ylang is effective in reducing nervousness due to common, every day overwork and fatigue. It has wholesome and defensive properties as well as an attractive scent.

For diffusion, you only need to apply a small amount because Ylang Ylang has a potent fragrance.

Primary Benefits

  • Aids in the balancing of hormones
  • Boosts the health of hair and skin
  • Helps calm the mood
  • Supports emotional and spiritual balance
  • Stimulates passion and sexual arousal
  • Energizes body and mind
  • Promotes relaxation when added to the bath



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